Announcing Dear ImGui Bundle

Announcing Dear ImGui Bundle

Dear ImGui Bundle is a quick-start and all-batteries-included framework to create cross-platform apps with Dear ImGui. It enables to easily create ImGui applications in C++ and Python, under Windows, macOS, Linux, and emscripten (and also iOS).

It is aimed at application developers, researchers, and who want to quickly develop apps and prototypes, taking advantage of the Immediate Gui paradigm.

Included libraries:

Dear ImGui Bundle includes the following libraries:

This annoucement is voluntarily short, since ImGui Bundle also introduces a somewhat innovative way to present its documentation, since the online demo is also the manual (you can also look at the web manual)

Some highlights with screenshots below:

Lots of widgets


Documentation via a markdow and snippets renderer


Example of a image processing tool developped with the included node editor (imgui-node-editor) and Image analysis (ImmVision) tools

A example with python inside Jupyter Notebook



Hello World, in C++ and Python

Note: this a a screenshot from the online interactive demo! ImGui Bundle includes its own documentation and snippets renderer
The python and C++ api are extremely close and fully documented, enabling an almost line by line transcription, which makes it a great fit for R&D teams who want to quickly develop research tools in python, and still be able to easily port them in production.


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