Annoucing ImmVision

ImmVision (a.k.a Immediate Vision) is an image debugger and viewer.

ImmDebug: standalone Image Debugger (during execution, and post-mortem)

Video tutorial on Youtube

immvision includes an advanced image debugger for OpenCV which you  can easily plug into your C++ projects in order to be able to visually  debug images inside your image processing algorithms, during execution  or even after execution (post-mortem).

This requires no dependency apart from OpenCV, and you do not need to link your program to immvision (you will just need to copy 4 cpp files in your project).

The immdebug application

Image Viewer

Video tutorial on YouTube

This image viewer runs inside ImGui (and thus your program must be linked to it).

This viewer is also included inside ImGui Bundle, where it can also be used from python.

The API can be summarized as

IMMVISION_API void Image(const std::string& label, const cv::Mat& mat, ImageParams* params);

See Full API

See online demo!

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